• Improve patient safety and comfort
  • Are easy to use
  • Increase efficiency of care  

Solutions that support clinicians

The Hamilton Medical ventilators provide specific tools to further support your protective ventilation strategy

  • Common Ventilation Cockpit User Interface
    The Ventilation Cockpit user interface on all Hamitlon Ventilators is operated the same way – independent of the device and its use in the ICU, MR suite or during transport.
  • Intelligent Ventilation Modes
    Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) adjusts respiratory rate, tidal volume and inspiratory time continuously depending on the patient’s lung mechanics and effort. INTELLiVent-ASV is the next generation intelligent ventilation mode that automatically controls ventilation and oxygenation based on the targets set by the clinician and on physiologic input from the patient.
  • Lung-Protective Ventilation Tools
    The Protective Ventilation Tool (P/V Tool) provides a maneuver that records a quasi-static pressure/volume curve and provides a safe way to perform lung-recruitment maneuvers. The Transpulmonary Pressure Measurement can be used to set PEEP, tidal volume, and inspiratory pressure for ARDS patients. In combination with the P/V Tool, it is useful to assess recruitability and recruitment maneuvers.
  • Integrated Continuous Cuff Pressure Control
    IntelliCuff is an integrated cuff pressure control module that ensures optimal cuff pressure and controls the risk of VAP and tracheal injuries.
  • Sophisticated CO2 Measurement
    Volumetric Capnography optimizes your ventilator settings while providing information about lung homogeneity or heterogeneity.

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