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ATOM Infa Warmer i

Infa Warmer i, developmental care from delivery room to NICU. Surgical operations can be performed safely in the NICU. Long-term management with less stress to the infant is possible with pressure dispersion mattress and the baby guard can be opened very silently without touching. Infa Warmer i ensures prompt and safe resuscitation and oxygen therapy when required. The infant's skin temperature can be prevented from falling with the pre-heated warm mattress. Two modes of heat control are available; manual mode and servo mode. The internal CPR timer helps determine the appropriate timing for evaluating resuscitation. This timer is also helpful in taking the Apgar score or when the operator needs to be reminded of the passing of a certain period of time. The second counter is available for evaluating the heart rate. 


  • Medical care in the emergency stage
  • LED lighting lamp to enable the staff to observe the infant's skin color clearly
  • X-ray cassette tray can be set without touching infant
  • Disposable liner to prevent cross infection
  • Large pressure dispersion mattress with tilting mechanism for treating and taking care of the infant
  • Canopy can be rotated 240˚ horizontally
  • Improved work efficiency of staff
  • Optional resuscitation unit 
  • Optional pulse oximeter
  • Optional baby scale
  • Optional Power Pack i for transportation



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