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Laryngeal Airways, Disposable

The unique features of LaPremiere Plus allow ease of insertion and reduced trauma of soft issue. The lumen of LaPremiere Plus has been designed to remain patent and resistant to kinking and occlusion when bent to 180˚. This unique degree of increased flexibility will assist with positioning of the breathing system outside the surgical field, therefore reducing risk of displacement. 


  • Reinforced tip
  • Clear cuff back plate
  • Unique one piece design
  • Stipple finish on cuff sealing surface
  • Circular motion cuff inflation
  • Lumen resistant to kinking and occlusion
  • Lumen internal diameter accepts passage of orotracheal tube
  • Pilot balloon acts as a over pressure indicator
  • Visual indicators - inflation line & pilot balloon are color coded for easy identification
  • Seven sizes available
  • Single patient use
  • Latex free

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