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Joey BabyBed

The Joey BabyBed by BOMImed is an innovative infant care bed created specifically to complement the modern neonatal unit. With a simple ergonomic design, it decreases the risk of workplace related injury and increases ease of patient care. By focusing on reducing external stimuli and encouraging mother-baby interaction, it fits perfectly into NIDCAP, Developmental Care and Kangaroo Care philosophies. The Joey BabyBed is putting baby first.


  • Smooth sliding casters for easy maneuvering
  • Available with a number of optional add-ons
  • Insulated mattress for increase warming efficiency
  • Perfectly designed for use the Joey Baby Warmer
  • Optional opaque tent reduces noise and visual stimuli
  • Hydraulic height adjustment system
  • +-17 degrees of surface tilt
  • Collapsible sides

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