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Leoni Plus

Introducing the Leoni Plus Intensive Care Ventilator designed specifically for pediatric and neonatal ventilation. Targeted at children less than 30 kgs, the Leoni Plus offers functionality such as High Frequency Oscillation not found in all-in-one ventilators. In addition, the Leoni Plus includes all conventional invasive ventilation while presenting data using a state-of-the-art user interface specifically.


  • Clinically focused interface for all settings, measurements and controls make it easy to learn and use
  • Optional high frequency oscillation with Volume Targeting and Configurable Recruitment Breath
  • Includes conventional invasive and non-invasive ventilation modalities with volume targeting
  • Suitable for long-term ventilation of premature infants, neonates and children
  • Graphical waveforms and loops allows for easy analysis and trending
  • Features Advanced SIMV+PSV, perfectly designed for weaning


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