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Parker Flex-Tip Tracheal Tube

The tapered tip of the Parker tube is designed to flex and slide gently along the airway and to ski easily through the larynx and down the trachea on it's curved backside, without catching on or traumatizing the airway anatomy.


  • Hugs all tubular intubation guides 
  • Gently slides down the airway without any trauma to the airway anatomy
  • Diffuses any force away from potential hang-ups 
  • Wide variety of sizes and styles for oral/nasal intubations 


* Please note some products may not be available in all regions. We reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.


BOMImed Conventional LED blades offer a traditional approach updated with the latest in light technology. BOMImed has combined the trusted classic conventional laryngoscope blade design with a brilliantly bright LED light. With an efficient yet intense LED light source, these blades provide maximum illumination, eliminate risk of patient burns, and extend battery life.


    - No removable parts which prevents the risk of losing vital components

    - Made to ISO 7376 standards for ensured cross compatibility

    - A cool LED light source reduces risk of heat related injury

    - Backed by a three (3) year limited warranty