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Are You Down With TPP? Considering Transpulmonary Pressures as Opposed to Ventilator-Measured Pressures
S. Patrick Bender, MD, and William G. Tharp, MD, PhD
January 2018
Are You Down With TPP? Considering Transpulmonary Pressures as Opposed to Ventilator-Measured Pressures
S. Patrick Bender, MD, and William G. Tharp, MD, PhD
November 2017
Inhaled Sedation in Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Undergoing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Andreas Meiser, MD,* Hagen Bomberg, MD,* Philipp M. Lepper, MD,† Franziska C. Trudzinski, MD,† Thomas Volk, MD,* and Heinrich V. Groesdonk, MD*
September 2017
Ventilation Guidelines - Summary for Clinicians: Mechanical Ventilation in Adult Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Clinical Practice Guideline
Curtis H. Weiss1, Jakob I. McSparron2, Rohini S. Chatterjee3, Derrick Herman4, Eddy Fan5, Kevin C. Wilson6,7, and Carey C. Thomson8
June 2017
Anesthesia and Developing Brains — Implications of the FDA Warning
Dean B. Andropoulos, M.D., M.H.C.M., and Michael F. Greene, M.D.
May 2017
Spontaneous Breathing during Mechanical Ventilation. Risks, Mechanisms, and Management
Takeshi Yoshida 1,2,3,4, Yuji Fujino 4, Marcelo B. P. Amato 5, and Brian P. Kavanagh 1,2,3
March 2017
Phototherapy in the newborn: what’s new?
Vassilios Fanos (Cagliari, Italy), Michele Mussap (Genoa, Italy), Antonio Del Vecchio (Bari, Italy), Bo Sun (Shanghai, China), Dorret I. Boomsma (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Gavino Faa (Cagliari, Italy), Antonio Giordano (Philadelphia, USA)
February 2017
Monitoring tracheal tube cuff pressures in the intensive care unit: a comparison of digital palpation and manometry
Morris LG1, Zoumalan RA, Roccaforte JD, Amin MR.
January 2016
PEEP titration during prone positioning for acute respiratory distress syndrome
Authors: Jeremy R. Beitler, Claude Guérin, Louis Ayzac, Jordi Mancebo, Dina M. Bates, Atul Malhotra and Daniel Talmor
February 2016
The clinical management of patients on partial/total extracorporeal support
Abrams D
March 2016
Neonatal developmental care in infant pain management and internalizing behaviours at 18 months in prematurely born children.
Montirosso R1, Casini E1, Del Prete A2, Zanini R2, Bellù R2, Borgatti R3; NEO-ACQUA Study Group.
April 2016
Defining the learning curve for endotracheal intubation using direct laryngoscopy: A systematic review
Maria L. Buis, Iscander M. Maissan, Sanne E. Hoeks, Markus Klimek, Robert J. Stolker
May 2016
Assessment of dead-space ventilation in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: a prospective observational study
Jonne Doorduin, Joeke L. Nollet, Manon P. A. J. Vugts, Lisanne H. Roesthuis, Ferdi Akankan, Johannes G. van der Hoeven, Hieronymus W. H. van Hees and Leo M. A. Heunks
June 2016
Nitrous Oxide, From the Operating Room to the Emergency Department
Christine Huang, Nathaniel Johnson
July 2016
New article on esophageal and transpulmonary pressure
Tommaso Mauri| Takeshi Yoshida| Giacomo Bellani| Ewan C. Goligher| Guillaume Carteaux| Nuttapol Rittayamai| Francesco Mojoli| Davide Chiumello| Lise Piquilloud| Salvatore Grasso| Amal Jubran| Franco Laghi| Sheldon Magder| Antonio Pesenti| Stephen Loring| Luciano Gattinoni| Daniel Talmor| Lluis Blanch| Marcelo Amato| Lu Chen| Laurent Brochard| Jordi Mancebo
August 2016
Hyperoxemia as a risk factor for ventilator-associated pneumonia
Sophie Six†, Karim Jaffal†, Geoffrey Ledoux, Emmanuelle Jaillette, Frédéric Wallet and Saad Nseir
September 2016
Lung recruitment maneuvers: Assessment of lung recruitability and performance of recruitment maneuver using P/V Tool Pro
Munir A Karjaghli RRT, Clinical Application Specialist, Hamilton Medical
October 2016
Effect of Postextubation High-Flow Nasal Cannula vs Noninvasive Ventilation on Reintubation and Postextubation Respiratory Failure in High-Risk Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Gonzalo Hernández, MD, PhD; Concepción Vaquero, MD; Laura Colinas, MD; Rafael Cuena, MD; Paloma González, MD; Alfonso Canabal, MD, PhD1; Susana Sanchez, MD2; Maria Luisa Rodriguez, MD; Ana Villasclaras, MD; Rafael Fernández, MD, PhD
November 2016
Effect of Postextubation High-Flow Nasal Cannula vs Noninvasive Ventilation on Reintubation and Postextubation Respiratory Failure in High-Risk PatientsA Randomized Clinical Trial
Gonzalo Hernández, MD, PhD1; Concepción Vaquero, MD2; Laura Colinas, MD1; et al
December 2016
Potentially modifiable factors contributing to outcome from acute respiratory distress syndrome: the LUNG SAFE study
John G. Laffey,Giacomo Bellani,Tài Pham,Eddy Fan,Fabiana Madotto,Ednan K. Bajwa,Laurent Brochard,Kevin Clarkson,Andres Esteban,Luciano Gattinoni,Frank van Haren,Leo M. Heunks,Kiyoyasu Kurahashi,Jon Henrik Laake,Anders Larsson,Daniel F. McAuley,Lia McNamee,Nicolas Nin,Haibo Qiu,Marco Ranieri,Gordon D. Rubenfeld,B. Taylor Thompson,Hermann Wrigge,Arthur S. Slutsky,Antonio Pesenti,The LUNG SAFE Investigators and the ESICM Trials Group
January 2015
Comparison of factors associated with desaturation in prehospital emergency anesthesia in primary and secondary retrievals.
Authours: Gustavo FJ de Matos, Fabiana stanzani, Authors: Yashvi H Wimalasena, Alasdair R Corfield, Stephen Hearns
February 2015
How large is the lung recruitability in early acute respiratory distress syndrome: a prospective case series of patients monitored by computed tomography.
Authours: Gustavo FJ de Matos, Fabiana stanzani, Rogerio H Passos, Mauricio F Fontans, Renata Albaladejo, Raquel E Caserta, Dural CB Santos, Joao Borges, Marcelo BP Amato, Carmen SV Barbas
March 2015
Acute cor pulmonale in ARDS: rationale for protecting the right ventricle.
Authors: Xavier Repessé, Cycril Charron, Antoine Vieillard-Baron
April 2015
Driving pressure and survival in the acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Authors: Marcelo BP Amato, Maureen O Meade, Arthur S Slutsky, Laurent Brochard, Eduardo LV Costa, David A Schoenfeld, Thomas E Stewart, Matthias Briel, Daniel Talmor, Alain Mercat, Jean-Christophe M Richard, Carlos RR Carvalho, Roy G Brower
May 2015
Delayed sequence intubation: a prospective observational study.
Authors: Weingart SD, Trueger NS, Wong N, Scofi J, Singh N, Rudolph SS
June 2015
To recruit or not recruit, this is...
Authors: Foti, Giuseppe, Pesenti, Antonio
July 2015
Pathophysiology and biomarkers of acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Authors: Seitaro Fujishima
August 2015
Patient mortality is associated with staff resources and workload in the ICU: a multicentre observational study.
Authors: Antoine Neuraz, Claude Guérin, Cécil Payet, Stéphanie Polazzi, Frédéric Dailler, Jean-Jacques Lehot, Vincent Piriou, Jean Neidecker, Thomas Rimmelé, Anne-Marie Schott, Antoine Duclos
September 2015
Endotracheal intubation in the ICU.
Authors: Stephen E Lapinsky
October 2015
Early goal-directed resuscitation of patients with septic shock: current evidence and future directions.
Authors: Ravi G Gupta, Sarah M Hartigan, Markos G Kashiouris, Curtis N Sessler, Gonzalo ML Beraman
November 2015
Postextubation laryngeal edema and stridor resulting in respiratory failure in critically ill adult patients: updated review.
Authors: Wouter A Pluijms, Walther NKA Van Mook, Bastiaan HJ Wittekamp, Dennis CJJ Bermans
December 2015
Cuffed versus uncuffed endotracheal tubes for general anesthesia in children aged eight years and under.
Authors: Flavia A De Orange, Andrea Lemos, Amber M Hall, Paulo SGN Borges, Jose Figueiroa, Pete G Kovatsis
January 2014
The acute respiratory distress syndrome: incidence and mortality, has it changed?
Authors: Jesus Villar, Demet Sulemanji, Robert M Kacmarek
February 2014
High-frequency oscillatory ventilation for early acute respiratory distress syndrome in adults.
Authors: Goffi, Alberto, Ferguson, Niall D
March 2014
Bougie-related airway trauma: dangers of the hold up sign.
Authors: BA Marson, E Anderson, AR Wilkes, I Hodzovic
April 2014
NAP4 reports and findings of the 4th National Audit Project of the Royal College of Anesthetists.
May 2014
The complexities of tracheal intubation with direct laryngoscopy and alternative intubation devices.
Authors: Richard M Levitan, James W Heitz, Michael Sweeney, Richard M Cooper
June 2014
The pediatric airway; basic principles and current developments.
Authors: Alexander R Schmidt, Markus Weiss, Thomas Engelhardt
July 2014
Airway management in ICU; 3 years on from NAP4 - What's new?
Authors: Tim M Cook, Jeremy P Astin, Fiona E Kelly
August 2014
Supplementation of standard pre-oxygenation with nasal prong oxygen or machine oxygen flush during a simulated leak scenario.
Authors: T Russell, L Ng, E Nathan, E Debenham
September 2014
Does the use of a bougie reduce the force of laryngoscopy in a difficult ariway with manual in-line stabilization: a randomized crossover simulation study.
Authors: RK Hung, A Lewinsohn, T Jovaisa, DS Wijayatilake, PB Sherren
October 2014
Removing extra CO2 in COPD patients
Authors: Laura W Lund, William J Federspiel
November 2014
ECCO2R in hypercapnic patients at risk of noninvasive ventilation failure: a matched cohort study with historical control.
Authors: Del Sorbo L, Pisani L, Filippini C, Fanelli V, Fasano L, Terragni P, Dell'Amor A, Urbino R, NMascia L, Evangelista A, Antro C, D'Amato R, Sucre MJ, Simonetti U, Persico P, Nava S, Ranieri VM
December 2014
Ebola virus disease: an update for anesthesiologists and intensivists.
Authors: Duane J Funk, Anand Kumar