Airway Management
Critical Care
Infant Care
Patient Monitoring Devices

APA™ Video Laryngoscope
APA™ MAC Insertion
APA™ DAB and U-DAB Insertion
APA™ Video Laryngoscope
APA™ Miller Insertion
IntelliCuff Pressure Controller
IntelliCuff Pressure Controller - Setup and Handling
Introes Pocket Bougie
Introes Pocket Bougie with Direct Laryngoscopy in Obese Pt.
Introes Pocket Bougie Hold Technique
Introes Pocket Bougie with Glidescope
Introes Pocket Bougie Education-EMCRIT
Introes Pocket Bougie for Trach Tube Change
Introes Pocket Bougie with King Vision
Introes Pocket Bougie Education and Marketing
Introes Pocket Bougie Direct Laryngoscopy
Introes Pocket Bougie King LT Exchange with King Vision
Introes Pocket Bougie, One person technique with Trigger
Introes Pocket Bougie with Karl Storz D Blade
Introes Pocket Bougie with Glidescope and Bronch Adapter
Parker Flex-It Directional Stylet
Parker Medical Flex-It Directional Stylet - Avoiding tube-curving limitations during intubation
Parker Flex-Tip Tracheal Tube
Parker Medical Flex-Tip - Avoiding tube hang-ups on the vocal cords
Parker Medical Flex-Tip - Avoiding scraping and laceration of the trachea
Parker Medical Flex-Tip - Avoiding trauma to the nasal turbinates and nasopharynx
Parker Medical Flex-Tip - Avoiding blind hang-ups of tubes on the larynx as the tubes are being “railroaded” down an introducer
TruCorp AirSim Training Manikins
AirSim Advance Combo - Airway management, cricothyriodotomy and tracheostomy training
AirSim Advance Combo Bronchi - Adult airway management manikin
AirSim Multi - Adult airway management manikin
AirSim Pierre Robin - Difficult airway management
AirSim Bronchi for airway management and bronchoscopy training
AirSim Baby- 6 month old airway management manikin
AirSim Child Bronchi- Pediatric bronchoscopy manikin
Truman Trauma for practicing emergency and trauma training skills