ATOM Incu i

The Incu i user friendliness and safety are important features for the healthcare professional. Make the utmost use of workspace around the Incu i with easily mounting peripheral equipment. The compact size enables you to minimize the risk of infection when accessing the infant. The Incu i ensures noise levels are kept to a minimum, maintaining a quiet environment to minimize the infant's stress for developmental care. The temperature, the relative humidity and the oxygen concentration in the Incu i can be separately controlled and maintained at a desired level. The Incu i is suitable for maintaining the environment of a low birth weight infant with less ability to maintain its body temperature or an infant with respiratory failure who required oxygen therapy. The air curtain prevents ambient air from entering the Incu i when the admittance panel or an access port is open. An uninterruptible attached power supply ensures warming and high level humidification of the incubator even during transport.


  • Silent operation for developmental care

  • Touch control panel
  • Trend display helps identify changes in the infant's vital signs and incubator environment 
  • Weight monitor
  • Compact design, minimizes risk of infection when accessing the infant
  • Snap-open access ports can be opened and closed silently
  • Electro static filter
  • External x-ray cassette tray
  • Air curtain to minimize a drop in the incubator air temperature
  • Easily detachable humidity chamber
  • External mattress platform tilting function
  • Double lock system
  • Excellent visibility
  • Sanitary structure for thorough cleaning of the unit
  • Improved work efficiency of staff
  • Optional Power Pack for transportation


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