BILI-THERAPY Spot Type provides effective blue LED phototherapy treatment. Promote early hospital discharge by reducing the treatment time in providing high/low irradiation intensity and effective wavelength. The BILI-THERAPY Spot Type can be mounted on the F-Rail or I.V. pole without using a stand for space saving around the incubator or warmer. The examination lamp allows the condition of the infant to be monitored and the dimmer function is ideal for developmental care.

ATOM Phototherapy Systems currently meet and exceed the AAP guidelines for treating Hyperbilirubinemia. ATOM’s zero-heat producing LED Phototherapy systems offer single and double bank setting and are available in 5 different workflow configurations. The ATOM LED lights can last up to 5X longer than competitive phototherapy devices.


  • Effective phototherapy treatment by blue LED light source
  • High and low irradiation intensity
  • Promotes early hospital discharge
  • Space saving design
  • Switchable to examiation lamp with one touch
  • Optional types: Mount, Arm, Stand or I.V. Pole



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