The HAMILTON-H900 humidifier has been developed with focus on ease of use and patient safety allowing caregivers to focus on the important aspects of patient care. It offers an innovative two-step set up to get you started quickly. All connections on a humidifier are in a single breathing set enabling one-hand operation, the user interface can easily be seen and provides all needed information at a glance. Smoothbore breathing sets with embedded heater wires are available for adults, pediatrics, and even neonates. The HAMILTON-H900 significantly reduces condensation and rain-out effects. This, in turn, ensures the delivery of the set level of humidity to the patient.Thanks to the integrated temperature probe, extra working steps belongs to the past.


  • Expiratory hose temperature control

  • Auto mode 
  • Manual temperature control
  • Invasive/non-invasive mode
  • Relative humidity control (temp. gradient)
  • All-in-one connector
  • Temperature display control
  • Visual alarm indicator
  • Optical water level detection
  • Smooth-bore wall heated circuit
  • Integrated temperature circuit
  • Remote control from any compatible ventilator



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