Pandemic Circuits

At BOMImed we know good healthcare affects all of us. As a family-owned Canadian company, supporting the healthcare system isn’t just our job, it’s our responsibility. And when it comes to our family and friends, we only want the best.

All BOMImed breathing systems are made in Canada using our very own machinery. With our team of engineers, machinists, and technicians, our expertise stays in house. And when we do go outside, we always look local, so we can improve our products and services while contributing to the Canadian economy. 


  • Automated assembly, fast delivery
  • Canadian supply chain in the country 
  • All circuit components made in Winnipeg
  • Less aerosols with HMEF solution
  • N100 patient filter options
  • N99 machine filter options
  • Fully customizable


Please contact your local BOMImed Sales Representative for more information.



* Please note some products may not be available in all regions. We reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.

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