Novaerus Protect NV900

The Novaerus portable devices are simple to use, low-maintenance and can be moved easily to point of care. With no harmful byproducts, they can be used 24/7 around the most vulnerable of people. Designed for continuous air dis-infection and odour control in medium indoor spaces, complete with a 2-speed fan. Can be wall-mounted, placed on a table top or high tower stand and plugs into any outlet.

NanoStrike is the core, patented technology that powers all Novaerus portable air dis-infection devices. The plasma-based nano technology kills and deactivates all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against airborne viruses and bacteria. The technology has also been independently tested to reduce MS2 Bacteriophage, a commonly used surrogate for SARS-CoV* (Coronavirus) by 99.99%.


  • Designed for continuous air dis-infection and odour control
  • Novaerus technology rapidly kills coronaviruses
  • Contaminated indoor air is pulled into the unit by a dual speed fan
  • Air is drawn over patented Novaerus plasma coils
  • Coils generate an ultra-low energy plasma field that rapidly deactivates VOCs and pathogens at DNA level
  • Healthy, contaminate-free air is returned to the room
  • Ideal for patient rooms, operating rooms, intensive care, nurse stations, examination rooms, classrooms, common areas, dental offices and senior living facilities
  • Portable units available: wall mount, table stand or high tower stand


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* Please note some products may not be available in all regions. We reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.

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