GCX Anesthesia Solutions

Equip your anesthesia workstations to handle today's EMR and IT hardware needs.

As facilities roll out EMRs and add or upgrade patient monitors, medical devices and IT hardware, mobile equipment like anesthesia workstations must be able to handle additional equipment without compromising safety, ergonomics and workflows. Our mounting solutions are designed to help meet the needs of today’s anesthesiology professionals and operating rooms. We offer rigorous tip testing to help current and future equipment configurations work properly for years to come.

We work with anesthesia machine manufacturers to incorporate channel profiles for safely mounting medical devices and IT related hardware. If existing channels don’t work, GCX has options to accommodate other channel profiles.


  • First choice for many medical device manufacturers
  • Safely mount devices and hardware to the left side, right side and top shelf
  • Variable height arms and fixed height arms available


Please contact your local BOMImed Sales Representative for more information.


* Please note some products may not be available in all regions. We reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.

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