Spiro Connect

Windows-based Basic Software Solution, for direct integration with your EHR/EMR. For who requires a real time testing software integrated with any kind of Master Software (such as EMRs, EPRs, Third party software integrators, etc.) Select patient info directly from your own Medical Software database, then measure and transfer Spirometry and Oximetry test results. Complete set of results is provided including main measured parameters, predicted values and graphic images for an easy integration process. Standardized communication in HL7 or Exchange Protocol. Exclusive Paediatric Incentive (International Patent) to improve patient compliance during the test.


  • Large Selection of Predicted Sets (including GLI-2012) and Predicted Values (including comparison %Pred, Z-score and LLN)
  • Seamless integration with patient database on your EHR/EMH
  • Real time animation on PC screen, to improve patient compliance during the test


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