Micro Dial Flowmeter

Many preterm or low birth weight infants start life needing supplemental oxygen to overcome respiratory difficulties.

The Micro Dial Flowmeter is the ultimate device for gradually weaning neonates from supplemental oxygen dependency. The ability to reduce the oxygen flow in 10 micro-stages of therapy, until the baby is ready to cope with atmospheric oxygen levels.

Regulating the inlet pressure guarantees a smooth and consistent gas delivery irrespective of fluctuations or spikes in pipeline or cylinder pressure. Our unique technology enables oxygen flow to be controlled to within +/- 20% setting (as opposed to full scale accuracy) across the entire range of flows.


  • Consistent and repeatable flow selection with definite  "Sure-Click" settings
  • Two stage filtration down to 5 um guarantees trouble-free operation
  • Very compact compared to float and tube flow meters
  • Bubble humidifier connection available as an option
  • Durable metal body prevents mechanical damage
  • Accuracy of +/- 20% at each discrete flow setting
  • Not susceptible to motion artifact
  • Pre-regulation of inlet pressure
  • Variety of input probe fittings
  • Works at any angle

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