The HAMILTON-C2 is designed for any patient demographic that requires invasive or non-invasive ventilation support. With its compact design, a weight of only 9.5 kgs, built-in batteries and an ultra quiet turbine, this ventilator can accompany your patient anywhere within the hospital independently of central gas and power supplies. Best of all, with features such as the Cockpit interface, ASV, dynamic lung, patients and staff benefit from cutting edge transport ventilation in a familiar platform that's extremely easy to use.


  • Fully customizable display features waveforms, loops, trends and dynamic lung model
  • Ultra quiet turbine and built-in batteries for freedom from gas and power supplies
  • State of the art ASV closed-loop intelligent ventilation modality
  • Includes most invasive and non-invasive modalities
  • Touchscreen interface with one knob operation
  • Light weight, compact design
  • Neonatal option available

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